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Dear Parents and Carers,


This week we have seen some severe weather across the County. This hasn't affected Dartford as much as we had thought, however, it has been snowy and icy enough to cause disruption. Roads have been treacherous and paths have been even more so!

At 1:00pm today, I have made the decision to keep all three schools - Oakfield, Temple Hill and West Hill closed for another day. Therefore we will be closed on THURSDAY 1st MARCH to all staff and pupils.

The reason I have taken this decision now is that the Met Office forecasts are not looking promising. Yesterday, it took many staff hours to return home in very dangerous conditions, and so when I am making my decision as to whether to remain open or not, I must consider the staff as well as the pupils and parents.

I am hoping by making this decision now, it will give all parents more opportunity to make plans for Thursday. I am aware that this decision will be inconvenient for some, however, I must consider the needs of staff, parents and pupils when making a decision. I will make a further decision about Friday at 3:00pm pm Thursday.


I hope you get some time to enjoy the snow with your children!


Kind regards,


Garry Ratcliffe

Executive Head and CEO, The Galaxy Trust.


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