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On the farm

Terms 1 and 2 on Curly's Farm


We moved to the new farm in September, which was very exciting for the animals as well as Oakfield pupils!

Our new farm, still based on The Isle of Sheppey, is 10 acres, with plenty more space for our animals to thrive.

Pupils from Oakfield have learnt many new skills this year, including grooming, cleaning, moving and handling pigs, trimming the toes of sheep, giving medicines to sheep and handling alpacas - to name but a few!

Term 3 + 4

Winter at the farm is hard work and very muddy, but the children who have been taking part in our weekly visits to Curly's Farm from across The Trust have been really keen to help the animals, even though with them being kept in stables it means a lot of cleaning and poop scooping! They have been working brilliantly as little teams, with our experts who came in term 1 and 2 taking on the role of leader and helping the newer children with what to do. I think we have some aspiring farmers here!

Working hard ...

Working hard ... 1
Working hard ... 2
Working hard ... 3
Working hard ... 4
Working hard ... 5
Working hard ... 6
Working hard ... 7
Working hard ... 8
Working hard ... 9
Working hard ... 10
Working hard ... 11
Working hard ... 12
Working hard ... 13
Working hard ... 14
Working hard ... 15

Term 1 + 2

Several lucky children from across The Trust have spent every Wednesday for 8 weeks on Curly's farm on The Isle of Sheppey. They have worked hard to learn how to feed, clean and care for the animals and can do so independently. They have also really worked on their BLP learning muscles; particularly collaboration and perseverance. These children didn't know each other at the start but are now working together to help each other and to ensure the animals are safe and happy; they should be extremely proud of the work they have done!

Life on the farm!

Life on the farm! 1
Life on the farm! 2
Life on the farm! 3
Life on the farm! 4
Life on the farm! 5
Life on the farm! 6
Life on the farm! 7
Life on the farm! 8
Life on the farm! 9
Life on the farm! 10
Life on the farm! 11
Life on the farm! 12
Life on the farm! 13
Life on the farm! 14
Life on the farm! 15
Life on the farm! 16

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