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The first few days in Kerr Class have been very exciting. The children are making friends already and enjoying exploring the exciting environment around them! We have lots of wonderful things to learn and celebrate this coming year and we are very much looking forward to sharing it with you! Below are some documents and links that you may find useful throughout the year.


"Children learn how to play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn."

- O. Fred Donaldson


As children play, they are developing the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills they need to take them into a successful adulthood. They are developing their curiosity, problem solving, intentionality, flexibility and verbal and non verbal skills. Socio-emotionally they are developing their emotional intelligence - learning confidence, cooperation, negotiation, sharing, empathy and how to communicate appropriately. Physically their fine motor and gross motor skills are being practised and developed. It is not just play, they are learning skills for life! (MHC Early Childhood Solutions)