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3C - Redgrave

Welcome to the Class Page of 3C (Redgrave)

Staff in 3C - Redgrave

Kirsty Armitt - Teacher
Gemma Jarvis - Associate Teacher

During Term 1 children have been learning about The Olympic Games. The children have been creating and competing in their own Oakfield Olympics which will be held on the 23rd October. Parents and Carers please feel free to put on your track suits and join in the fun!


In Term 2 we will be looking at two different topics, Digital Gamers and Material World. We will be dusting off our Pokemon cards to explore this fascinating world while children will have the chance to learn about digital programming. During Material World children will be learning all about scientific forces including magnets, changes in state and what happens to a dunken biscuit!


Now into Term 3, we will be learning all about animals and plants in our new topic Land, Sea and Sky. On the first day back both children and adults were very lucky to meet a range of exotic animals including a Bearded dragon, Racoon, Pythons (both small and large!), Skunk, Crocodile and Meerkat! Most terrifying of all though was the Tarantula (which I bravely held!). We will also be going on our first trip of the year to Colchester Zoo and would love for any parent helpers to come and join us!


Heading into term 4, our new topic will be Scavengers and Settlers. Children will be learning all about the Stone, Bronze and Iron age looking at their tools, diets, lifestyles. We are very lucky this term to be working closely alongside the outdoor learning teacher which will give the children a fantastic chance to learn and explore out of the classroom. Our entry point for this topic is Cave art and we would love parents to come and join us in making the paint and getting creative! 


Speeding into term 5 we will be jumping far back into history to learn all about dinosaurs and fossils. Children will become paleontologists to gather information and piece together fascinating facts about this amazing prehistoric animals. Fans of Jurassic Park get your jeeps ready as we set off on a prehistoric safari!

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