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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

This is the Year 3 Group page. Here you can find out information about what we get up to in all each term.

Staff in Year 3

Staff in Year 3 1 Amy Jarvis - Teacher
Staff in Year 3 2 Sarah Akister - Teacher
Staff in Year 3 3 Sheena Lynch - Teacher
Staff in Year 3 4 Stacy Norton - Student Teacher
Staff in Year 3 5 Karlie Gale - Associate Teacher
Staff in Year 3 6 Hannah Hand - Associate Teacher
Staff in Year 3 7 Anne Snell - Associate Teacher

As part of our journey towards the implementation of our own 'mastery' curriculum in September 2017, we are moving away from IPC this year.​

We will be planning subject specific learning based on National Curriculum Objectives relevant to the age group.

Children will be encouraged to deepen their subject knowledge through independent and group work designed to promote good thinking and investigative skills.

Where possible, pupils' own interests will be incorporated into the curriculum in order to make learning relevant  and engaging for them.

News from Year 3
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Home Learning and Other Information
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