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Welcome to the Class Page of RC (Rose)

Staff in RC - Rose

Term 6: What a busy term it has been! The highlight was definitely history week where we were able to meet dinosaurs, dig for fossils and of course, visit Leeds Castle. We had such an exciting week! In between workshops and trips, we created our own leaflets for Leeds Castle, knight armour and our own castles using a variety of resources such as wooden blocks and junk modelling.

Term 5: We went to Godstone Farm and, although we experienced every weather condition possible, it was such a wonderful day! We began with a tractor ride, and then we were able to feed the pigs and piglets. When we had finished doing this, we went to see the spinning ladies who were turning the wool from the sheep and goats into yarn on their spinning wheels. We were able to go and visit the sheep, goats and their young in their enclosure. After lunch, we joined the rest of the classes for a petting session and at the end of the day, had some free time to explore the rest of the farm - this included seeing some snakes and tarantulas! We would like to thank all of the parent and carers who came with us and helped the day run smoothly.

Term 4: We had fun participating in Easter activities in the last week of term. This included our Easter craft afternoon which we shared with our parents.

Term 4: We have really been enjoying writing and have been writing for different purposes including writing lists, sentences, signs, and even our own stories! All of us are quickly becoming fantastic writers and authors!

Term 4: We were lucky enough to get some new toys in our classroom including a wooden police station - that we put together ourselves, a magnetic construction set and a wooden construction set. These toys have promoted mathematical language, developed our problem solving skills and encouraged lots of team work.

Term 3: We have been learning about Chinese New Year. Activities included setting up a Chinese restaurant and creating menus, practising Chinese numbers, following instructions to make Chinese lanterns and turning the climbing frame into a Chinese festival! At the end of the week, we turned a bed sheet and box into a Chinese dragon costume, manipulating and cutting different materials and crafts to create our desired effects. As a class, we took part in a Chinese New Year parade around the playground which involved wearing the dragon costume, dancing, singing and playing instruments. We had a lot of fun!

Term 3: We are all superheroes in Rose Class! This led to superhero maths which included counting and data collection, superhero writing, story telling and role playing.

Term 3: We have also been exploring and investigating ice. We learnt the properties of ice and how it melts. We made predictions and tested our ideas to work out how to make the ice melt faster and to investigate what happened when adding food colouring to the ice. The children found this fascinating!

Term 3: At the beginning of the term, we found out about space. We watched the live stream of Tim Peake's space walk to fix the space station. It was really interesting to see the days in space changing everyone 45 mins! This led to letter writing, building our own rockets and going on a space adventure ourselves. We learnt about the planets in our solar system and how astronauts help us.

Term 2: We have developed our ownership of our learning environment and grown in confidence as a result of this. We have learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali which has led to various activities. Christmas was a magical time for us because not only did it inspire us during our child-led time, producing lots of writing and imaginative play, we also performed in a Carol Concert for our parents/carers. This was followed by a Christmas market where we had created items to sell. In the last week of term, we had a Christmas Craft afternoon where our parents/carers were invited in to help us create Christmas decorations.

Term 1: Our first term at school was busy and we have settled into school well, making different relationships and exploring our environment. Towards the end of term, we began our phonics lessons and have enjoyed practising our writing.


The Early Years ethos focuses on developing the unique child, building positive relationships and creating an enabling environment. The child-led and play based approach captures the curious minds of children and follows their interests to enhance their learning. It allows the child to be engaged in their learning whilst overcoming challenges, asking questions and experiencing new things. 


The curriculum promotes three characteristics of effective learning, these are:

  • playing and exploring
  • active learning
  • creating and thinking critically

These areas are developed and promoted throughout the Early Years and everything we do has a reason, whether it is junk modelling, building with blocks or playing with shaving foam! All activities and experiences are part of creating a child who is confident, independent and ready to begin their school life.


The characteristics are explored through seven areas of learning, these are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
  • Communication and Language (CL)
  • Physical Development (PD)
  • Literacy (L)
  • Mathematics (M)
  • Understanding the World (UW)
  • Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

These areas support the child to become an effective and motivated learner, providing them with experiences and important contexts for learning. 



Below is a link on the website for the phonics scheme that we follow at Oakfield.


Where learning, laughter, challenge and community responsibility are encouraged and celebrated!