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4C - Lloyd Webber

Welcome to the Class Page of 4C (Lloyd Webber)

Hi, welcome to Lloyd Webber class's page! We are one of the Year 4 classes at Oakfield and we are going for the title of 'Best Class in the School' (Miss Climpson and Miss Murray are very competitive!). This means you will find us walking around the school sensibly, working really hard and generally being brilliant! 


Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to recently. We love visitors (and chatting), so make sure you ask us lots of questions about what we have been doing! 

Staff in 4C - Lloyd Webber

Our classroom

Term 5

Term 5's topic has been 'Temples, Tombs and Treasures', with a focus on the ancient Egyptians.  We have learnt about how and why pyramids were built, what the ancient Egyptians believed about the afterlife and we would be more than happy to tell you the gory details of mummification! We have created our own Egyptian masks, based on the mask of 'the boy King', Tutankhamen and attempted our own mummification (photo below), which we will happily admit needs work! 


Reece returned from Outdoor Learning with an experiment. He wanted to know how Natron salt would affect a ripe apple after a week, as this would give us an idea of how the salt would have affected the human body. After only one week, the apple was nearly completely stripped of moisture!

All things Egypt!

Term 4

This term, our topic has been 'Chocolate' (I wonder why the teachers chose that...!) and we have been learning about how and where chocolate is made and the ingredients and nutritional value in different types of chocolate. 


We have also looked at advertising, slogans  and packaging and how these help to sell products. We have learnt about the importance of Fair trade, how this affects the workers involved in the production of chocolate and how money could be distributed more fairly.


Some of our favourite parts of this topic were trying different types of chocolate (all in the name of research, of course!) and finally getting to design and make our own bar of chocolate with our chosen ingredients.

4C and the chocolate fac... classroom!

Term 3

Our topic this term has been 'How Humans Work'. This focused on the parts of the human body, including the skeleton and muscles. We learnt the names of parts of the body (test us, we have remembered loads of muscle and bone names!), their purposes and how they work together to help us move, stand and how they protect our organs. We also thought about how to take care of our body through healthy eating.

Term 2

This term, our topic has been 'Active Planet'. This focused on natural disasters, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. The children have learnt about the part tectonic plates play in the occurrence of natural disasters. Did you know that volcanic eruptions can happen when the plates move towards or apart from each other? This creates a space where pressure from beneath the Earth's surface forces magma to escape.

The Oakfield earthquake of 2015

Still image for this video
Here's our video of an earthquake taking place in the classroom! See if you can work out how we did it! The children then used this to create a survival kit that would be made for each class in the event of another natural disaster,

Term 1

This term's topic is 'Living Together'. We have been learning about what it is to be part of a community, the roles that people play within their community and how communities can be so different, yet still work. We've discussed the different ways people learn and worked out that the majority of the class are kinaesthetic learners (ask us what that means!). We have also thought about our dream jobs and written CVs to identify our successes and strengths.

Our Dartford walk

Brazil presentations

Our fantastic Term 1 projects. Great work guys!


Where learning, laughter, challenge and community responsibility are encouraged and celebrated!