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2A - Cook​

Welcome to the Class Page of 2A (Cook)

Staff in 2A - Cook

Super Human

During this topic we learnt all about our amazing, 'super' bodies. We learnt though experiments in the Science Lab about the digestion process and the differences and similarities between fish and humans. It was loads of fun being scientists for the day! 

Outdoor Learning!

We also learnt about how to bake bread outside using a fire. It was interesting to see how people long ago would have cooked their food. There were lots of safety rules to follow when you're around fire and we will remember them next time we're near an open fire.


The Circus is Coming to Town!

This term the children have been learning about the history of the circus. They have learnt about how they have changed over time and what traditions are still around today. In Literacy, we researched and debated if any animals should be in zoos or not. This topic created some excellent pieces of thoughtful and heartfelt writing. In Science, we conducted experiments to test the most suitable material for making a Big Top tent. Check out our pictures below! 

Circus Skill Workshop


Paul came to teach us all some amazing circus skills! We span plates, threw flower sticks and even learnt how to juggle scarves! 

It was great fun! 



Stories people tell


This term the children have been learning about different stories from around the world. They have also learnt about how telling stories has changed over time.Stories People Tell

During the Stone Age people used animal blood, charcoal and plants to paint pictures on cave walls. These were normally showing their daily lives. We also know that they used stones and sticks to help them tell their stories.

In ancient Egypt they used pictures to tell stories. These are called hieroglyphics - they are a mix of characters and symbols. This language dates back about 5,000 years and is one of the world's earliest forms of writing.


If you know any stories from other countries please share these with your child.


The children also took part in a workshop based around Anasi, a character from African folk tales. He was half spider and half man and he enjoyed playing tricks on people. Check out some of his stories on-line.



Some images of Anansi

Anansi Story Telling Workshop


In maths the children have been applying their maths skills to solve a range of problems. This challenge required children to use multiplication, division, subtraction and addition to create a circle of calculations. See if you can make one at home! 

Making clay pot linked to our learning about Greek mythology. Next week we will paint on our favourite scene!


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