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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


We are really looking forward to sharing all the exciting learning happening in Year 1.


The children will be continuing their Read Write Inc learning and will be in groups similar to those in Reception. These will change every 6 - 8 weeks once the children have been assessed on their reading and phonic sounds. 

The children will be having an hourly Maths lesson each day which will have a focus for the week/2 weeks.  We will put a sticker in the contact books each week to let you know what the focus will be. 

Our afternoon Curriculum lessons are designed to be similar to Reception 'Free Choice'.  The children will be able to choose their activity, but it will always have a curriculm objective!  


Please check this page for termly information and useful resources to help continue the learning at home :)


Term 1

Term 1's focus is Geography, so a great way to introduce them to their new surroundings in Year 1 is by learning all about their local environment!  Cue lots of learning walks, explorations and investigations to identify the features of their school and the surrounding local area.  The children will then be using this knowledge to build their own 3D maps!  Get the cereal boxes ready! 

Term 2

This term is all about celebrations!  The children will be listening to the history and stories behind Diwali, The Gunpowder Plot, Remembrance Sunday, Children in Need and of course, Christmas! The children will be looking at the features of celebrations and even designing their own!  The final celebration will be their Christmas Play to the parents and a Christmas party to finish a very busy term!

Term 3

Happy New Year!  The children will be very excited by this term... it's toys and materials!  In History the children will be learning what toys were like in the past.  What were they made from? (Science) How did they move? (Design Technology) What did they do?  Be prepared for lots of questions from your children!  It would be amazing if you could find some old toys (or photos) for your children to share with their class!  And yes, when they say that they're allowed to bring in a toy from home to show, they are... for this term only!

Term 4

All aboard the Geography train! This term we will be taking a journey around the United Kingdom, finding out what England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are like. We will be learning about their capital cities, their famous landmarks and some famous people who come from there. We will also be learning the seas and oceans around us. We will be finishing this term with a Royal week, where will be learning all about the Royal family! We will also be going on a trip! Yippee! Unfortunately Buckingham Palace isn't open at this time of year so we have booked a trip to the Tower of London. A famous landmark in our capital city!

Term 5

This term we are asking the children, "What do you know about living things?" Cue lots of discussions about what's living, was once living and what is not living! Once we know what a living thing is, the children will be finding out what living things we have around us. What pets do you have at home? What animals live in the wild? What animals live in hot and cold countries? The children will be learning the characterisitics of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles and learning to sort them into these groups. Be prepared for lots of questions about animals! We'll then be learning about what different animals eat and finding out what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat. To finish off a fabulous term, we will be inviting an animal workshop into the school to show the children some amazing living things, and hopefully we'll have a visit from some bee keepers and their bees too. Very exciting!

Term 6

Wow, how have we reached the last term already?! Term 6 is packed full of exciting events but the learning never stops! This term our focus will be on plants and growing. We will be asking the children what plants need to grow and investigating what happens when we grow our own plants! Our research will take us to Oakfield Park and Bedgebury National Pinetum to see the different trees and plants in our local environments. We will be learning what deciduous and evergreen mean, how trees and plants disperse their seeds, what plants we eat and where the plants we eat come from.

A fun-packed term to finish our year together!

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