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At Oakfield Primary Academy, we are passionate about creating learners who show attitudes and habits of curiosity,   confidence and independence.  Our aim is to provide effective learning opportunities for all groups of pupils, across a broad and rich curriculum, through:

  • providing a range of experiences that contribute well to the pupils’ achievement and to their physical, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • allowing for diverse, engaging extra-curricular opportunities through carefully planned visits and workshops designed to strengthen the connections children make with their learning
  • promoting positive behaviour and a good understanding of personal safety and development
  • encouraging children to think creatively and improve their meta-cognition skills (How do I learn? What motivates me to learn? What strategies can I use to learn better?) 

We firmly believe that every child has the potential to:

  • ‘dig deeper’ into their learning;
  • ask wider questions concerning their local, national and global environments  
  • develop transferable skills to create community-conscious citizens who are respectful and responsible for each other and their environment as well as treating each other fairly 

All staff work hard to promote pupil resilience and perseverance. We fully support children on their journey to becoming 21st century learners who have a passion and thirst for knowledge that, we hope, will continue through the rest of their lives!

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The Curriculum Journey