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Dear parents and carers,


Several cases of headlice have occurred in some classes recently. Would you please check your child's hair tonight and if your child requires treatment, please follow the instructions below.

Dear Parents/Carers




A case of headlice has occurred in your child’s class.  Would you please check your child’s hair tonight and if there is evidence of head lice then please follow the instructions below:-


  • Wash the hair in the normal way with an ordinary shampoo


  • Use lots of hair conditioner but before rinsing this out comb through the hair from the roots with a fine tooth comb.  Make sure the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the roots with every stroke


  • Clear the comb of lice between each stroke using a paper towel so you can see if any lice have been removed


  • Wet lice find it difficult to escape, but hair which is slippery from conditioner makes it harder for them to keep a grip – so removal with the comb is easier


  • If you find any lice, then repeat this routine every 3-4 days for 2 weeks, so that any lice emerging from eggs are removed before they can spread.


It would be so helpful if all parents checked their children’s hair and take appropriate action where necessary, this would mean far fewer incidents of headlice occuring.  Unfortunately it only takes one non-vigilant parent who does not check or undertake treatment causing the problem to start again.  So please take responsibility for your own child and check his/her hair frequently.


Many thanks for you continued support and co-operation in this matter.


Yours sincerely


Jason  Pearn


Jason Pearn

Head of School


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