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Extended Services Code of Conduct

Extended services’ code of conduct contract


Oakfield Primary Academy prides itself on offering a wider range of extended service support for our families. These include, amongst others, the variety of termly clubs we run as well as the wraparound care of Breakfast club and Hideout.


Recently, however, I have been saddened by the increasing number of complaints that are brought to me by staff members regarding the inappropriate behaviour of a small, but significant, group of children who make use of these services.  I am sure all parents and carers would agree that staff members should have every expectation that children in their care should follow the expected behaviours and code of conduct of our school.


Having consulted staff who run these clubs and, in collaboration with the senior leadership team, it has been decided that, from term 4 onwards, parents and carers of ALL children who wish to make use of extended services will be expected to sign and agree to an extended services contract which details expected positive behaviours and possible consequences if they are not followed.


We are sending this contract out to all parents so that in the event that your child attends any of our extended services between now and the end of the academic year, they will have this contract in place in order to ensure that they can attend  it immediately.  For those who have put their child down for a term 4 club, you may be contacted by the school office with an offer of a place very shortly. You will notice that this provisional offer will now make clear that your child’s place will not be confirmed until you have read and agreed to the code of conduct contract.  For those who you who have children currently attending breakfast club or Hideout, they will of course be able to continue to attend in the short-term without this in place.  However, there will be a deadline of Friday 23rd February for this contract to be signed and in place.  After this date, they will not be able to attend without it being signed. Please take the time to read the contract and discuss it with your child.


I want to make clear that the vast majority of our children exhibit exemplary behaviour on school premises. This contract will be a useful and uniform way of ensuring that we all are reminded of what these behaviours should be.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions once you receive the contract, a copy of which can now be accessed and read on the school website.


Kind regards


Jason Pearn

Head of School



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