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Equality Week (Friday) - Mindful Monsters Non Uniform Day

Dear Parents and Carers,


As part of Equality Week, pupils have been learning about Mindfulness through a programme devised by the charity, Scope.  The programme is called Mindful Monsters.   Friday 28th June 2019  is a non  school uniform day based on the Mindful Monsters characters.


There are 4 characters who have individual colours and attributes:


Creativity is pink

Positivity is orange

Relaxation is blue

Concentration is purple


Your child may choose one colour and wear this on Friday.  For example, they could wear a scarf, head band, jumper, wrist band, socks, trousers, t- shirt or come dressed in their chosen colour from head to toe!  There  is no charge for this dressing up day.  


We look forward to seeing your child dressed as a Mindful Monster!


Kindest Regards


Garry Ratcliffe                                                            Sukhminder Randhawa

Head Teacher                                                              Equality Lead Teacher  

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