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ASD Provision - The ARC



The ARC is an ‘Accessible, Resourced and Child-centred’ Specialist Resource Base Provision within Oakfield Primary Academy, catering for the needs of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). 


Oakfield Primary Academy believes that all pupils should have equal opportunities to access a full and engaging curriculum delivered by trained and competent staff that enables them to achieve their full potential. 


"Pupils in the new autistic spectrum disorder unit are supported well. Staff have a good understanding of their needs. Teaching is effective and supported pupils are already making good progress." Ofsted 2014


In addition to the resource base each child has a link class in the mainstream. All pupils are regarded as part of the school and have access to the activities and provision offered in the mainstream. We encourage our pupils to integrate as fully as possible. 




In order to request a place in The ARC children must have a Statement of Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan (EHC plan), with Autism listed as their primary need. It is expected that children will have the potential to integrate into mainstream and access some lesson. Therefore children need to be working broadly in line with their chronological age.


Our places are prioritised for children who live in the Dartford and Gravesham area.


The provision opened in 2014 and is expanding with places being filled incrementally. Our capacity for 2016-2017 will be 9 children. 



The ARC offers an adapted curriculum, environment and teaching strategies to enable our children to access learning and achieve their full potential. Each child works on a personalised timetable based on their individual needs. We have a Speech and Language therapist at Oakfield who works with teaching staff to help target Speech and Language needs. In addition to the EYFS/National Curriculum, children have access to a range of interventions and additional support. 


Additional aids and resources are provided as appropriate to ensure success. This may include ICT, visual timetables and prompts, communication aids and staff, although not necessary 1:1 support. Our focus is developing independence and removing barriers to development (academic and social).