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Oakfield 1 - 0 Knockhall (17.11.14)

Oakfield 1 - 0 Knockhall

Monday 17th November 2014


Team: Adam, Farouq, Rob, Muktar, Chima (captain), Jay, George, Charlie, Caine, Nicholas M-J, Billy, Nicholas T-S


Captain's Report:


Knockhall were to be immense enemies from beginning to end. Last season we drew 1-1 and we were informed that we had only ever drawn with them and never won. We wanted to set the record straight. We have won all our matches so far this season so why would we want to stop now?


The game started and the whistle blew. Both teams were firm and strong and both teams made counter attacks but the goalkeeper wouldn't let any of us score. How he was able to leap so high into the air I don't know (maybe some frog juice).


Finally, in the second half the break-through came. Nicholas Mullin had recovered the ball and was bolting down the pitch. He switched it inside to Adam Nicklin, who was doing the same thing, and strongly stroked the ball along the floor and into the net (narrowly missing the goalkeeper's outstretched hand by a centimetre).


​There was a feeling of triumph and rejoice as we continued our journey of being unstoppable.


Chima Ndukwu (Football Captain)