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Erasmus + Project

Lithuania (Erasmus+ Part 4)

Day 1

We are loving the luxury hotel in Lithuania with views of the harbour. Our rooms are lovely and big! 

Our first day of school was very fun as we were carving designs into clay, painting our traditional Lithuanian pots and then creating an ebook all about friendship.

We had a great time in the playground and we are so excited about our dinner on the 12th floor of a hotel! 

We are exploring the old town of Klaipeda and going to the seaside tomorrow!

Poland (Erasmus+ Part 3)

Keep checking this page everyday for more news about our exciting trip to Poland.

Day 1 - Arrival in Warsaw

A week in Italy

Watch this space to keep up to date on the latest news from Italy.


We have arrived at the hotel in Vasto and are just getting ready for our first Italian meal! More soon...

Day 2 - Poems, Presentations & Pizza

Day 1 - Sunday 17th April - Arrival



Erasmus+ Project- Keys to the Future- Durable knowledge and Innovative Learning


Last year, four schools from Europe and Oakfield wrote a project called “Keys to the Future- Innovative Learning and Durable Knowledge”. This project has been selected for the Erasmus+ project and we’ve got funding from European Union to implement this project between the five schools. Under this project we are working with the following schools: Szkola Podstawowa,Warsaw/ Poland; Sair Nabi İlkokulu, İstanbul/ Turkey; Agluonenu Pagrindine Mokykla,  Agluonėnai/ Lithuania, Istituto Comprensivo, Vasto/ Italy.


Our main aim in this project is to implement Prakash Nair’s educational strategies of personalisation, multi-age classes, small learning communities, co-operative learning and project based learning into our curriculum to provide the knowledge and skills that students need in a global society. The first part of this project will be focusing on the personalisation and we will be sharing our ideas of how to personalise teaching to meet the needs of our children in the 21st century. 


Our partner schools will be visiting Oakfield from 11th January to 15th January 2016.  During our their visit we will be discussing the following points and sharing our own experiences with them.


  • Ways to improve and sustain the rate of pupil progress
  • Strategies to enhance teachers' skills and share best practice
  • How to engage pupils and parents in the learning process
  • Ways in which flexibilities in the curriculum might support personalised learning
  • How to establish a better system of innovation in teaching and learning in school


Also, we will be displaying the pupils’ artwork from 13th January to April 2016 in Dartford’s Library. This artwork is based on the national flowers of each county. Our pupils have created their artwork based on the UK’s national flowers of rose, shamrock, daffodil and thistle. Our partner schools will be bringing their own national flowers artwork with them also to be displayed in this exhibition in Dartford Library. For further information about the project please contact Mrs Harrison.


Erasmus+ Keys to the Future- 2015-2017