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Dartford Bridge 1 - 5 Oakfield (05.12.14)

Dartford Bridge 1 - 5 Oakfield

Friday 5th December 2014


Team: Adam, Farouq, Muktar, Chima (captain), Jay, George, Charlie, Nicholas M-J, Harry, Nicholas T-S


Captain's Report:


We were facing Dartford Bridge, who beat the Oakfield girls football team 7-1. Unfortunately our main goalkeeper (Rob) sprained his ribs so he couldn't play. Therefore one of our best defenders called Farouq, who happens to be a magnificent goalkeeper himself, went in goal. Due to this, Adam had to be in defence with George and a brand new player called Harry was about to make his debut. 


As soon as the whistle blew we had an early counter attack from Dartford Bridge, which resulted in a goal for them. It was time for us to wake up. We had an opportunity and we took it with Nicholas M knuckle-bolting the ball in between the goalkeeper's legs!


Later, Muktar was on the run and passed the ball to Nicholas T-S who instantly shot the ball towards the goal but was saved by the goalkeeper. Then, out of the blue, Harry appeared and crashed the ball into the goal, his first goal in his first match!


In the second half we fortunately won a corner. Nicholas M took the corner and it was deflected so he tried again while it was still on the pitch. This was deflected again and on his third try it flabbergastingly curved round and into the goal, with a little tap from Jay after it had crossed the line to make sure it went in.


In the second half we had another counter attack and Caine passed the ball to Nicholas M, who took a touch then overpowered the ball into the top part of the goal. I was expecting a hole in the net to appear but to my amazement the goal was still in one piece. Meanwhile, Nicholas M was celebrating his hat-trick.


The final goal came from Nicholas T-S. He was pelting down the pitch skilling everybody that dared to get in his way (just like he had done at Wilmington), he then lobbed the ball into the helpless net.


We left Dartford Bridge celebrating our win, Harry with a goal on his debut and Nicholas M, our hat-trick hero!


Chima Ndukwu (Football Captain)


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